In case you didn’t already know, we all have mental health.


Many silent warriors out there have and continue to experienced battles with their mental health.

Those who have overcome their struggles and emerged triumphantly have likely done so with the help of professionals, medicines (Not strictly pills), and lifestyle changes. And are now living extraordinary lives full of happiness, wonder…

A short but powerful guide to help develop your Emotional intelligence

Image by dribble: Tanya Hordynchuk

Emotions colour our very existence, can you imagine life without them, Things would be pretty dull.

We shouldn’t demonize our emotions but begin to appreciate them.

This article will present a framework to help you better manage your emotions, so you can gain greater freedom in how you decide to…

Recognizing an unhealthy relationship with your phone is the most important step

Image by: Ari

It’s the 21st Century things have never been easier.

The rise in accessible technology brings a tidal wave of opportunities. You don’t need the most advanced equipment, a degree, or a fancy minimalist set up in order to sculpt a remarkable life.

With just the iPhone in your pocket and…

Image by Steve Cutts

Welcome to the 21st century.

Unrelenting technological advancement has outpaced societies ability to educate and cultivate a mature collective consciousness.

The Exponential growth in our interconnectedness,

combined with widespread ignorance is corrupting our minds.

Thus, the reign of ego has begun.

Consumerism is king. It’s more…

8 Reasons for why you should delete social media.

Burnt Toast ®

Technological advancements have and continue to alter the very fundamentals of human communication.

Is this in our best interest?

Did you know the average person spends over 2 hours per day on social media? If you do the…

Cody Dumbarton

Founder of Thinkopedia. — Dedicated to helping others enjoy their right to a healthy mind, Psychology BSc. Drug and alcohol worker.

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